All films will be shown at the Camp Verde Auditorium Theater, 370 Camp Lincoln Road, Camp Verde. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online by clicking the "Buy Tickets" button below.

March 2, 7:00 PM  

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The Secret of the Pyramid of Djoser
(Latvia; Latvian with English subtitles; 90 min.)

Latvian scientists, archaeologists, radar and photogrammetry specialists, architects, geologists, historians, computer programmers, and others alike banded together to create a unique technology for exploring archaeological sites. With their new techniques they made a sensational discovery in 2007. In the oldest stone building in the world, Egypt's Pyramid of Djoser, the Latvian scientific expedition discovered new underground rooms as well as a network of galleries. This new information has forced a re-evaluation of previous assumptions about the role and function of pyramids.

March 9, 7:00 PM  

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Looters of the Gods (Italy; English version; 55 min.)

Looters of the Gods is a film about the indirect role played by many of the world’s most prestigious museums in the illicit trade of antiquities. It develops like a detective story structured on two narrative levels. The first is an inquiry that reconstructs and delves into all aspects of this illegal network, and sums up the current situation. For years, public prosecutor Paolo Ferri has been fighting the clandestine art market. He is the strategist in this worldwide battle and he reveals to us the most important secrets of his investigations. The second narrative level follows the investigation that recounts the story of the recovery of an ancient masterpiece, the Golden Wreath. The Golden Wreath is considered the most beautiful gem of classical Greek art. And the most valuable, as the tomb raiders who unearthed it in northern Greece fifteen years ago, sold it to the Getty for one and a half million dollars!

Black Sands
(Greece; English and Greek with English subtitles; 52 min.)

Thirty-five years ago there was hardly anyone who could imagine what was hidden under the sandy hills of Karakum, one of the greatest deserts in the world. Until the archaeologist Victor Sarianidi started  excavating and unveilling a previously unknown civilization. Black Sands simultaneously focuses on the significant archaeological discoveries of Prof. Victor Sarianidi in the Karakum desert of Turkmenistan as well as on the physical surroundings and natural beauty of the desert itself, as well as on the people working there and their everyday life in the simplicity and harshness of their surroundings. As such the Black Sands documentary is not solely an archaeological documentary but broadens its scope to encompass a fuller expression of the Gonur Tepe expedition.

March 16, 7:00 PM


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Sacred Shadows of Time (USA; 50 min.)

In 2005 a 12-month solar calendar was discovered at the V Bar V Heritage Site southeast of Sedona using rock art images and shadows cast by two boulders protruding from the cliff face. It is estimated that it was created in the 10th or 11th Century by the Sinagua Culture ofthe Verde Valley. The unanswered question was whether the boulders were natural features or manipulated by the Singua to enhance the effects. In 2011 an archaeological research permit was issued permitting 20 feet of scaffolding to be erected to closely examine the boulders. The discoveries were surprising and very revealing. This documentary captures this research and presents the amazing results.

The Moche Trail (Spain; English version; 55 min.)

Explora Films (Spain) takes us on a journey through the north coast of Peru following the archeological remains of the Moche culture, which thrived from the 1st Century BC to the 6th Century AD. Starting from the colonial city of Trujillo, this documentary reveals to us everything that can be seen along this route covering the desert, the Pacific Ocean, and the Andes. We discover spectacular island landscapes, parched wastelands, forests, inlets, beaches, canyons, and perpetually snowy peaks. We visit cities steeped in history and small villages near the archeological digs, which unveil this mysterious land’s past since the dawn of time.

March 23, 7:00 pm

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An Introduction to Contemporary Archaeology (UK, 8min)
A short introduction (and spoof!) to the new field of ‘contemporary archaeology.’ Dr. Brooklyn Hornswoggle-Smythe guides you through the ins and outs and back-ins of the world of contemporary archaeology – the new subject everyone’s talking about! Just an irreverent take on new archaeological practices or should this gibe at the modern theoretician be taken seriously at some level?

Robert Blake and the Civil War Sieges of Taunton (UK 12min)
A truly fresh look at the exploits of English Parliamentarian commander Robert Blake under Oliver Cromwell during the first English Civil War. From July 1664 to July 1665, the strategically vital town of Taunton, the only parliamentary stronghold in the southwest of England, held out against an almighty Royalist onslaught led by Lord Goring. Blake, who would later become a legendary admiral, famously declared that he had four pairs of boots left and would eat three before surrendering the town.

Ramses II, The Great Journey (France; English version; 63 min.)

Ramses the Second is one of the most famous pharaohs ever known. But what do we really know about him ? His life is well documented, but what about his existance afteward: his ”Great Journey.” An incredible story about a man who was believed to be immortal.

After his death 3200 years ago, he was constantly removed from his tomb.
It was only after several excavations directed by Rosselini and Champollion, Lepsius, and Carter, in 1872, that it was discovered that his mummy had disappeared. It was rediscovered at the end of the 19th century in Deir el Bahari, far from the place where Ramses died. After a police investigation which began in Cairo and ended at Luxor, two brothers revealed the hiding-place of the treasure they hoped to sell.

Thanks to the very latest scientific methods and to new technology we can now retrace the incredible story of the mummy, giving new insight into Ramses the Second's extraordinarily long reign. “Ramses II, the Great Journey“ invites you to discover the famous tomb in the Kings Valley (KV7), as nobody has ever seen it before, and thanks to computer-generated images produce by Insight Digital (US) and the Louvre (Fr) we can offer a unique view of this original site.

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