5 Best Things to Do in Sedona

Sedona is among Arizona’s beautiful destinations famous by its high-end shopping and spas, the rock views and also its spiritual energy. This beautiful Arizona town is situated a two-hour drive distance from Phoenix. The destination provides tourists an opportunity to view the state’s Grand Canyon prettiest areas and an escape for the valley residents from the crowded city. For those who plan to step foot to this beautiful land, herein are top places to visit while in Sedona;

Visit a vortex

What are vortexes? These are simply the spots that are believed the place energy projects out. The whole Sedona city is considered as a vortex. While there, you will inquire to know some particular places where the projection of energy is strong like, for instance, the Boynton Canyon and the Cathedral Rock. Here is best for those who need to practice yoga, or even meditate.

Have a delicious lunch with a view

Visitors to this beautiful land should try out dining at the Oak Creek banks. This is the place you will enjoy the best Sedona views that might not necessarily require hiking to arrive there. You will have an opportunity to dine at an award-winning restaurant that has ever remained to feature only delicious dishes.

You can try hiking

A hike is mandatory once you decide to visit Sedona. There are both simple hikes and those that are somehow tricky. So you can choose to try either of them. If you are a fan of taking photos, you will love the Devil’s Bridge. But if you want to have great views, you can go to Bell Rock. Ensure that you arrive fast if you are to go for any hike in Sedona and carry with you a lot of water and sunscreen.

Go and shop for local art.

Sedona’s culture has been engulfed with local art. You can go and take a look at Tlaquepaque art and crafts for some Sedona-exclusive items. Visit the secret garden café and eat something while enjoying the best atmosphere. You will also try to look at the ornately tiled stairs as well as vine-covered walls.

Consider treating yourself to a spa day.

This town will allow you to pamper yourself. The Sedona’s New Day Spa is the most recommendable spa in this place. You will experience services like massage, the anti-aging healing treatment as well the rejuvenation of nature’s desert flower.